Vacuum Apps

Are you currently attempting to purchase a vacuum cleaner? There are many on the market and it can be difficult to choose the right one for your home. Who knew that an app would be able to help you make the right decision? Surprisingly, a variety of vacuum cleaner apps are now available for iOS devices, including the iPad and iPhone. Below you will be able to discover the best vacuum cleaner apps for your iOS device.

Piab Vacuum Technology


If you’re looking to purchase a brand new vacuum cleaner, in order to replace your old dust slinger, you’ll want to download this amazing new mobile application. With the utilization of this app, you’ll be able to browse a ton of helpful information that will be able to help you make the right choice. Although the app is available for the iPad, it also works from your web browser and Android devices.


The app, which can be downloaded and installed quickly, will give you the ability to scour through product portfolios. Once you’ve found a vacuum that suits your needs, you’ll be able to quickly use the app to find a dealer in your area. Suffice to say, this application can make vacuum purchasing totally digital and effortless.

Menalux Dustbag Finder 

When you own a vacuum cleaner, which uses a dustbag, you’ll need to purchase a handful of these bags on a regular basis. These bags are usually not universal and you will need to purchase the specific bags for your exact vacuum.

In the past, this was very complicated. Today, it is possible to use Menalux’s Dustbag Finder. There has never been an easier way to find the dustbag for your specific vacuum cleaner brand and model.

Once you’ve got the app on your phone, you’ll be able to select your vacuum’s brand and model. Hit the button and the app will begin working to find the bags that will work for your vacuum! It is as simple as that!

Vacuum Cleaner Repairing guide



Are you tired of calling out a vacuum repairman every time your cleaner breaks down? Believe it or the Vacuum Cleaner Repairing Guide app will offer you a step-by-step instructional display, so that you can repair your very own cleaners. This will not only save you money, but it will also save you a lot of grief. You will be able to learn every component and element of the vacuum, because this app will break them down for you.

This comprehensive guide also provides innumerable tips that will help you problem solve to find the issue. With 10 different categories to browse through, you will easily find the problem and begin to fix it, within a matter of minutes.

If you are having difficulty choosing a vacuum cleaner that is right for your home, you will no longer have to force yourself to search through hundreds of websites to find one. The eVacuum HD app will provide you with a long list of vacuum brands, functions, and features to look for, when purchasing a floor cleaner. This app will also give you links to innumerable local sales and services, so that you will be able to find exactly, where the products are sold. This is an extraordinary app that has proven to be very beneficial.


Who knew that apps could help with your vacuum cleaner needs? Any of the apps above will be able to help you purchase, repair or maintain your vacuum in the appropriate manner! Be sure to consider downloading some or all of these!


If you are a business owner, you definitely know how difficult managing, operating, and processing a corporate business can be. If you are looking for a handy tool that will help you get control of all the aspects of your business, you should consider utilizing a business app.


unnamedIf you own a business and have to attend a lot of meetings, but find yourself having to return to your main computer, then you will find this app a work of art. You will be able to easily set up and join meetings right from your iPod touch and iPhone. No more trying to scramble to the nearest computer screen to get to that very important meeting on time, because you can utilize this software right from the comfort of your vehicle or wherever else, you may be.



Microsoft Outlook (Microsoft Corporation)

OutlookHave you ever tried to access your business email account, but only find that is it unavailable, at the moment? It is vital to your business and your customers that you have access to your email, at all times. This application offers free email service, with unlimited customer service. You can send and receive bulk emails, without any delays or slowdowns. The good user interface makes reading and writing electronic messages so much better than the traditional email providers.


Google My Business

Google-Launches-Google-My-BusinessThis is definitely one of Google’s works of art. After you take a few minutes to download this software, you will have easy access to your Google account right from your iPhone, BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile. You can share updates with your customers and employees, with great ease. This app will offer you the management tools of a lifetime, while allowing you to share your photos, with others right from your mobile device. View your business’s customer ratings any time you feel it necessary.



evernoteappThis app offers the ultimate organizational listing of all times. Size does not matter, in this instance, because you can write short lists and extensive lists, without any difficulties. Easily clip web articles, seize handwritten letters or notes, while managing your business documents from anywhere. Never again will you be forced to spend hours creating a slide show of your business presentations. This app allows you to transform your notes into an extraordinary screen layout, in a matter of minutes.  If you are looking for a money and time saver, this is the perfect business app that is suitable for all business owners.



iphoneLocalVox is perhaps the ultimate online marketing application for small businesses. With a single click, business managers will be able to effortlessly save time, while conquering the online market. With this all-in-one marketing platform, which caters to local advertising, it’ll be possible to take control of your search engine ranking, while encouraging new customers to make the switch. The application also helps small businesses brand their companies and set up websites, which are efficiently optimized for mobile devices. Once these are up and running, an array of analytics will keep you up to date with your progress and help you to make tweaks, until you receive the results you desire. With a single click, the app makes it possible to manage email, social networks, your website, and even press releases for your business. While the price is certainly steep, this may be the application needed to drive your small business to success.

In the old days, consumers were forced to rely on those old calculators, in order to figure out their finances, plan their budgets and keep track of their spending. Sure, these old dinosaurs were helpful, at the time, but they’re severely outdated and ineffective in today’s technology crazed society. With the innumerable possibilities of Android and iOS devices, users can effortlessly track their spending and manage their funds. Below, you will discover some of the greatest financing applications, which are completely free!


Level Money 

Level-MoneyWith Level Money, which is branded as the mobile money meter, it is possible for consumers to conveniently track their daily expenses, but it doesn’t stop there. The application is packed with loads of features, which provide analytics for your daily and monthly spending. Although it is possible to break down your transactions per each account, the application also makes it possible to instantly figure out how much you’re spending for each individual type of expense, including coffee, transportation and even wine. With the projection feature, you’ll be able to make future estimates based on last month’s spending and this month’s current balance.

The application, which is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, can be used for properly setting money aside for the future. Since it is completely free, you’ll already be able to save, by just completing the download. Capital One recently acquired the rights to his application, thus big innovations are highly likely in the future.


You Need a Budget 

ynabThis software is actually more of a package than an application. Instead, You Need a Budget is available across an array of various platforms, including iOS, Android and PC. Unfortunately, you’ll need the PC version, before the iOS or Android one will link up and work in conjunction with your computer financing software. While the software isn’t necessarily free, it does offer a free thirty-four day trial, which provides free access to each of the efficient features.

Again, the software is much more and actually includes free, daily classes, which can help consumers gain more control over their money. Still, the initial sixty-dollar price tag may deter some, but this is a steal, since the software is crammed full of helpful features and bonuses.


Mint and Mint Bills 

Mint_Spending_Android_App_02Both applications, which are designed and developed by Intuit, are completely free. The Mint app allows users to completely track and manage their spending, regardless of location. The Mint Bills is just that. It offers complete control over your monthly bills, by giving the user the ability to configure alerts to ensure they never miss a payment. With a few simple swipes, it is possible to pay you bills. Since Intuit is a fairly reputable brand, you can rest assured both applications are highly responsive and efficient for your needs. All you need to do is register for a free account on their website, before you’ll be able to take advantage of the app’s immensely helpful features.



Overall, spending money shouldn’t be a requirement for saving money. With these three leading finance applications, you’ll instantly be able to track, manage and budget your money with the swipe of your fingers.

5444_ed785fac35_smallIn the past, keeping up with your teacher’s assignments and testing schedule was a challenge of concentration, memory, and sometimes, a game of luck. If you failed to jot down the appropriate information, before your brain shutoff, you were out of luck or forced to pester your teacher for answers. Since nobody wants to annoy his or her teacher, it is helpful to be able to track this information with immense efficiency. While it is possible to carry around a notebook or paper planner, these tools are on the verge of becoming obsolete. Instead, you should take a step into the future, by downloading the myHomework Student Planner application and planning your studies in a digital manner.



All in all, the application is extensive and flexible, since it is available on a wide range of individualized operating systems. Not only can you run the app on these systems, but also it is possible to integrate information from one to another. While you’re at school, you can quickly type out daily lessons and schedules on your iPad. Once you arrive at home, your device can be synched to your Windows computer or the web platform. From there, all of your information will be readily available. This opens up tremendous flexibility and gives you the option of transitioning from one device to another effortlessly, without losing your information.


Track and Store All School Activities

mzl.joedlwmx.1136x1136-75When you attend a higher learning institution, you’ll be forced to keep track of dates, information, and an assortment of different assignments. This can certainly be difficult, even for the common genius. Thankfully, myHomework offers simplification for students, who are attempting to plan their schedules. Grab your iPad or iPhone and instantly add test dates, upcoming projects and even lesson plans to your planner. From there, the application will effortlessly track these dates and warn you of approaching deadlines. The day before a big test, you’ll receive a warning. The same can be said for other activities, including project and assignment deadlines. Integration 

If your professor or teacher has embraced technological methods, you’ll benefit tremendously, with this application. Teachers, who use, can instantly add their daily lesson plans, due dates and files to their informational databases. Any student, who has access to the myHomework planner, will be able to link up with their teacher’s class and uncomplicatedly download all of their information. This offers a whole new ease of teaching and will offer enormous benefits to the student, as well.



Surprisingly enough, it is possible to benefit from many of the application’s features for free of charge. Unfortunately, the free version is loaded down with ads, but this is still a suitable alternative for those, who do not wish to pay five dollars a year to access more features. Truthfully, the yearly cost is insignificant and shouldn’t prevent you from experiencing the full benefits of the app.



This is a tremendously helpful mobile application, which is either cheap or free. Once you’ve experienced the available features, you will quickly agree that the monthly fee is reasonable and actually a steal!

Your home is one of the biggest investments that you will ever make. If you want to increase its value, keep on top of maintenance, and remodel accordingly, you should consider downloading a home improvement app, which will help you greatly. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars, just to hire a home designer or professional carpenter, when you have one of these apps on your mobile device.

Homezada App

Homezada-Home-appThe Homezada app is by far one of the best apps availabletoday. It has so much to offer those homeowners that are ambitious about home improvements, repairs, and renovations. Not only will this app offer free home project templates, but it will also help you manage all of your warranties, permits, projects, and hired contract projects. This can definitely come in handy for someone that has great difficulty trying to organize and run several projects at one time. Stay within your budget, with the extraordinary Homezada App.


iHandy Carpenter App

DIYIf you are looking for a tool that will assist you in getting the most precise measurements, during your home improvements tasks, you should not pass up this app. Rulers, angle tools, and levelers can cost up to thirty to forty dollars each, but they are necessary to complete a project to perfection. How would you like to get all of these tools for one low price of $1.99? Not only is this price extremely affordable, but it also offers easy access to all of your tools, whenever you find the need for them.



Remodelista App

screen480x480Do you have a nursery that you are no longer using and are now feeling the empty house syndrome? Perhaps, you would love to turn this unused room into a fabulous, home office, but you have no idea of where to get started. This app is like a showroom, because it will present you with a wide array of decorating ideas, by virtually viewing genuine architect designed homes. If you do not find anything that you desire, on first glance do not fret, because the app is continuously updating. There are many home décor items, accessories, bathroom fixtures, furniture, and countertops for you to view. It also offers closet organization tips, for those of you that want to become more coordinated.

Handy Man DIY

handy-man-diy-appDo you have some home projects ideas, but just do not know how to bring your ideas to life? Well, you are in luck, because the Handy Man DIY will help you get those brainy ideas out of your head and put them to good use. Although, this application works better for those that are interested in small renovation or redecorating projects, you will definitely find it very useful. The only downside to this particular app is it does not allow you to budget your project, which is what most modern, homeowners need, this day and time. It does assist in totally up square footage and other measurements. Hopefully the app will continue to expand its horizon, with a material list and budget management options.

Insignia Shower Cabins

If you are remodeling or thinking of remodeling your bathroom, then the Insignia Steam Shower App is worth a look, it features their complete range of self contained showers and steam showers, from small corner units to large baths with whirlpool baths.

These very modern looking appliances include an array of features such as mood lighting, hydro massage jets and even Bluetooth connectivity to stream your fave tunes or listen to your audio book.With this app you can browse through the collection and find the most suitable model for the space you have available.